Continuing education for growth-minded physiotherapists seeking to maximize their potential of improving the human condition.

Movementologists 1st Annual Manipulation and Networking Event

Join us for a day of learning and skill practice with other passionate clinicians.  This year our focus is the use of manual therapy within an evidence-based clinical reasoning model.

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Creating a community of physiotherapists seeking to achieve their full potential by providing education and events that promote patient-centered care from a biopsychosocial approach, guided by best evidence. 



Providing content supported by high-level evidence

Promoting foundational examination and intervention strategies

Prioritizing development of clinical reasoning and emotional intelligence 

Fostering human connection to enhance outcomes and create passionate clinicians

We Provide

Clinical Expertise

Our courses and content are designed to implement best available evidence with our clinical expertise. The foundational skill sets that we emphasize are clinical reasoning, manual therapy intervention, exercise prescription, and patient management. By integrating this entire skill set, our continuing education offerings will improve your capabilities to produce a meaningful change in an individual’s movement behavior and physical function.

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