Continuing education for growth-minded physiotherapists seeking to maximize their potential of improving the human condition.

































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Our mission is to help physiotherapists achieve their full potential by providing education that promotes patient-centered care guided by evidence with a biopsychosocial model. 



We strive to provide content supported by high-level evidence.

We believe mastering foundational examination and interventions is essential to a physiotherapist’s success.

Clinical reasoning is more important trendy examination methods and interventions.

Access to our online and live resources will always be low-cost to all subscribers.

Without human connection, clinicians cannot maximize outcomes.

We Provide

Clinical Expertise

Our courses and content are designed to implement best available evidence with our clinical expertise. The foundational skill sets that we emphasize are clinical reasoning, manual therapy intervention, exercise prescription, and patient management. By integrating this entire skill set, our continuing education offerings will improve your capabilities to produce a meaningful change in an individual’s movement behavior and physical function.

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